Simplified Constructions Guidelines For A House Builder In Alluvial Plains

Before starting construction we should choose the contractor- visit:-

He should essentially have a Mobile No and should be traceable.

He should have good organizational skills if he has more sites otherwise he should have the capacity to work with his own hand.

He should know how many labors should be there during any day/stage of construction and he must be able to organize that.

He should know what work is to be done and how.

He should anticipate material consumption and convey its requirement to the owner for it 4-7 days in advance.

Check out his slab subcontractor.

Pre-Work Essentials-

These must be ensured to optimize the contractor’s performance on site and to save overall time untangling the sequential constructional web.

ice to authorities- Give at least a week’s notice to authorities about commencement of construction.

Contractors Ensure you have finalized all your contractors so that all things are clear and no contractor passively refers you any other.

Cleaning the site- Site should be cleared of its bushes, weeds, old malba, fauna droppings etc.

Water Connection- Temporary Water Connection is a must at this stage to moisten soil.

Electrical Connection- Required if there is work in night shifts/woodwork/motor.

Temporary Haudi- Water tank to store reserve water. It is economic to make a permanent tiled water tank, which can be covered-up later on. Water Bowser should be ordered if water is not available.

Temporary Store- Should be planned at an optimum position and partitioned for chowkidar to avoid mishandling. Instead of Chowkidar, Building Clerk-cum-Caretaker (Diploma Holder) should be appointed at remuneration of 5000/- pm subject to a max of ½% of building cost.

Raw Material Area- Should be laid where there is enough space for unloading and stacking of raw materials distance and displacement wise nearest to the center of gravity of the proposed construction.

Mortar Platform- Should be laid at ¾th the distance between raw material area and the center of gravity of the proposed construction in temporary brickwork 1:8.

Documents- A copy of the building plan, sanction letter and working drawings, site order book, bill folder packet, pen, pencil, sharpener, eraser, stapler, staples, tape and 3′ plastic laminate roll, should always be present on the site carefully stored with the caretaker.

Materials Required- Bricks (1500-3000) could be easily retrieved later. 1 iron door set with a lock & 3 keys (or 2 door sets if chowkidar’s chamber is separate) worth Rs 700-800 and 4-8 steel chadders/angles/bolts. Pipes (Including flexible), tap, nipple and motor tanker, if water supply is low.

Works till DPC Stage-

Determination of Excavated Volumatrix-v

This is an essential stage since it determines the exact shape of the building’s foundation and can be managed without requirement of any bulk raw material.

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